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Libyan warlord faces possible war crimes charges

Libyan warlord faces possible war crimes charges

economic genocide charges may be first in history

THE HAGUE – The Office of the Prosecutor General of the ICC has accepted the criminal complaint that was filed by the Libyan American Public Affairs Council (LAPAC) against Mr. Ibrahim Al-Judhran, Mr. Khaled Al-Judhran, Ms. Hajer Algaid, and Mr. Aidha Al-Tawati.  The complaint charges “The deliberate and premeditated economic genocide and other crimes against humanity committed as part of the closure, destruction, blockade, and theft of Libya’s oil and gas assets, a modern day Holodomor”.  According to the ICC, This preliminary acceptance (ICC reference # OTP-CR-193/16) will be followed by an evaluation to determine if a formal investigation will be launched.

In a possible historical first, this filing alleges that economic warfare is a crime against humanity: “The accused’s criminal activity and practice of “economic warfare” are both “widespread” and “systematic” within the meaning of Rome Statute article 7(1). The accused have committed multiple Crimes Against Humanity in glaring, continuous, ongoing, and longstanding violation of Rome Statute articles 5(1)(b), 7(1)(a), 7(1)(e), 7(1)(f), 7(1)(g), 7(1)(h), 7(1)(i), and 7(1)(k).


Economic warfare and genocide fit well within the meaning of the Rome Statute Article 7 (1) (k):” Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health.”

 “…the lack of functioning government in Libya, wide-spread fear and corruption, and the pervasiveness’ of Al-Judhran-inspired warlords make it impossible for Al-Judhran to be held accountable inside Libya at this time.”   Dr. Esam Omeish, LAPAC’s president claimed that only the ICC can bring this tragedy to an end.  Mr. Ali Giarushi, a LAPAC board member, called for quick action by the ICC.

Mr. Emadeddin Zahri Muntasser, board member of LAPAC, expressed his satisfaction at the ICC decision and said “warlords will not be allowed to steal democracy away by blackmailing a whole population.”  Mr. Muntasser also warned that “LAPAC will continue to pursue all individuals who are responsible for causing the widespread death and destruction in Libya.    We have compiled plenty of evidence and several cases are ready for filing.”  

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 “To preserve and implement the ideals of the Libyan Revolution by fostering democracy, rule of law, freedom, free press, good governance, transparency, civic responsibility & free-market economics.”

 By working with American leaders, NGOs, government, research centers, and members of the Libyan-American community, LAPAC will offer technical assistance to the emerging democracy in Libya.  Our advocacy and public affairs campaigns will serve to ensure that American government and media will offer the necessary support to the legitimate Libyan democratic institutions and prevent the return of any form of autocratic rule.  

LAPAC Board of Directors

Esam Salem Omeish, M.D.

Emadeddin Zahri Muntasser

Ali Suleiman Giarushi

Gaddoor Ibrahim Saidi, Ph.D.


Emadeddin Zahri Muntasser

Member of the Board

Libyan American Public Affairs Council



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